Friday, 22 March 2019

Latest Updates : Chutni Patrako

Latest Updates : Chutni Patrako

In any case, what were the theories of the Red Men on the opposite side of the Atlantic? Were there no bits of gossip there, no legends of an Eastern world? Quickly before the revelation there was in America a broadly dispersed conviction that at a moderately remote period outsiders from the east had visited American soil, in the long run coming back to their very own homes the Land of Sunrise. Such, for instance, was the Mexican legend of Quetzalcoatl, to which we will return later in its all the more basically legendary association. He arrived with a few allies at Vera Cruz, and quickly conveyed to shoulder the intensity of an edifying office upon local conclusion. In the old Mexican pinturas, or works of art, he is spoken to as being habited in a long dark outfit, bordered with white crosses. In the wake of visiting with the Mexicans for various years, amid which time

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