Wednesday, 20 December 2017

After The Bank Account And Mobile Phone, The 'Home' Will Also Have To Link Aadhar

After the mobile phone and bank account, the home is also being linked with support. Union Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs Harid Puri has given this assurance.
In an interview, Harip Puri said that this step can be stepped up to get control of black money. There will be no doubt about this. Linking property to Aadhaar card will help to get black money even in control.

In addition to the housing and urban development center, the idea of ​​linking assets to a support card is good. However, they are not currently making any announcement about this. This can also be done in relation to assets when we are connecting with the bank account.
Anonymity has started to link real estate with a support card, but it has not been announced. The two dates in the present time are very special to remember. This is December 31 and February 6.

December 31 is the last date for linking the mobile number with the base card to the bank account and by 6 February. In addition to the bank account, other documents including mutual funds, insurance policies, are also linked to the support card.
By these dates, if the support card is not linked, the bank account and mobile phone management can cause problems. .


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