Saturday, 14 October 2017

Consumption Of Voting Time Up To 1 Hour

New Delhi 14: Water Verification Paper Audit Trial (VVPAT) is to be used in the Gujarat assembly elections, which is expected to increase the voting time by one hour as more voting takes place. In the Gujarat assembly election before the Chief Election Commission, an election has been introduced for an hour to increase the voting time and it is learned that the Election Commission is considering this issue. Meanwhile, the exercise was started by the district election machinery on the basis of assembly elections. In which the booth level officer will visit the all the houses located in their area by next 25 October to check the details of the voters.
According to the available information, VVPAT machines will be placed at all polling centers this time in Gujarat assembly elections. The slip of the voter who gave his opinion will come out of this machine and after seven seconds, it will remain in the box below. Thus, an extra vote of seven seconds will be taken after one vote. So far, the state assembly elections could be held from 8 am to 5 pm. But this time VVPAT machine is going to be more time, as it has been introduced to increase the voting time by one hour to the Election Commission for one hour. This presentation is currently considered before the Election Commission and it is likely to be decided soon.
While coming to the assembly election, Ahmedabad Collector Avantika Singh told about the voter list, that according to the Election Commission of India, the booth level officer will visit all the houses in his area by visiting the booth level on October 25, to ensure that the voter list is faulty and reliable. Regarding details of absenteeism, migration, registered voters, registered in the register Will. To add names to the voter's list, the form can be filled with the necessary evidence to be given to BL. All people cooperate with this ultimate opportunity to enter the voter list before the assembly elections.
This time, the first VVPAT machine will be used in assembly elections, the PML will explain the VVPAT in all households. After the voter votes, the VVPAT machine voted for the voter who will vote for the name of the candidate, the serial number and the slip showing the horizon for seven seconds. Then the slim machine will be below the bottom.

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